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Fade to black

The recent spate of suicides have been quite disconcerting. Committing suicide is not a wish to die, but a cry of helplessness, but is this the only resort? A debatable question Continue reading

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IPL? More like WWE

No no, don’t tell me, “see its always fixed!”. All cricket played internationally as well as leagues is fixed. I have heared that enough. However, when it comes to cricket I am ‘Dhitrashtra’ (refer mahabharat please). I am so much … Continue reading

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Saachin! Saaachin!…a heartfelt tribute to the legend

This cry will ring in my ears forever, one chant which was globally heard whenever the legend walked on to the field with his willow in hand. Towards the end of his last cricket test match the eyes grew teary … Continue reading

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Boy oh boy!

My sister in law recently delivered a bonny baby boy. The whole family was excited and of course tons of relatives poured in to see this little angel. We happened to be there on one such occasion and one of … Continue reading

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