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Cynically tested!

I await…

On father’s day…

June 17, 2018 · 2 Comments

Fade to black

The recent spate of suicides have been quite disconcerting. Committing suicide is not a wish to die, but a cry of helplessness, but is this the only resort? A debatable question

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Experience Marriage

Marriage, the most discussed, dissed and relevant word in today’s times. An institution which has stayed and survived centuries of understanding and abuse. The youngsters today, wonder whether it is … Continue reading

July 24, 2015 · 2 Comments

Dedicated to the memory of my ironlady

This is an edited version of my first ever post on this blog- a dedication to my grandma- my iron lady who passed away on this day exactly a year … Continue reading

December 8, 2013 · Leave a comment

This used to be my playground

This used to be my playground…these words from the famous song by Madonna somehow have stuck with me since the time I came to know that my ancestral home will … Continue reading

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