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My first world problem

Don’t we all have first world problems in our lives? I feel we prefer them to the actual world problems as we can at least solve most of the first world ones. I am faced with one such problem and I don’t know how writing a blog will help solve it but then, who wrote to solve problems anyways!

People who know me or are close to me know that I am a voracious reader and my Kindle always travels with me wherever I go. People who know me even better, know that the other thing I can’t do without is my music! It is very very important to me. Every memory in my life has a playlist to go with it, be it from my days of listening to English pop to Hard/ Metal Rock to Bollywood to most recently World music.

My Kindle dispensed words while my iPod classic dispensed my music. When I adopted this beautiful device some 6 years ago, (very late bloomer, could never afford this one till it was gifted to me) the way I consumed my music changed completely. This product itself was iPodrevolutionary and changed the music industry forever by changing the way people consumed music. The software to manage your music, iTunes was one of the best every made then. iTunes and I were made for each other. To get the maximum out of your iPod you needed to organize your music correctly, not just dump all music in it. Indexing and organizing comes naturally to me and there I started the project of organizing all my music the way it should be! Slowly I started buying music from there rather than pirating it. iPod Genius spoiled me further by making playlists based on what I heard most and dished out songs which even I did not know existed in my collection! It was love at first sound

But like all good things come to an end, my iPod classic too reached its end of life cycle, quite abruptly I must say. What did not help matters was Apple Inc.’s decision to discontinue the iPod Classic since most of their customers were streaming music instead of buying it. I don’t buy that argument, there are still a whole lot of people who still like to buy their music and have control over their own playlists but we seem to be a minority.

So this is my problem now! What next? What do I do with the 120GB+ music I own? Thanks to the change in the consumption pattern of the industry there isn’t much choice left in the Digital Audio Player (DAP) category. Apple did what it always does, kill the competition with the near perfect product and then change the industry consumption pattern. This is where the love turns to hate! But more on that some other time.

Here are the alternatives which I am being presented by people who I know:

  • Just buy the new iPhone man, it has everything – my counter is that a) I cannot afford the new iphone b) I don’t want mymusic experience hampered with notifications and calls!
  • Chill man, Just buy the iPod touch – Again spending INR 22k+ on a product category which Apple may not support in the future? Not sure
  • Stream your music, everything is available online – NO! again this means using your primary phone for this – does not work
  • Convert an old smartphone to a DAP – Don’t have an old phone. Considered looking at smartphones with good music capabilities built it, but all are in the INR 20k+ range – plus I need atleast a space of 128GB min so SD card costs INR 3k+
  • Look at alternatives – Sony is there but the player costs INR 18k+ as I need to bump up its memory. The other option is a company called FiiO which is not too known. None of these have very encouraging reviews

So there you see, please help me solve my first world problem here! Which is the best alternative available to me here? Please share your views in the comments section below!



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