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Something to Save

Dearest George Michael,

By the time I publish this post you would have gone really far into the spirit world. I still can’t believe that you decided to go-go without waking me up. Every Christmas, ‘Last Christmas’ echoed in my ears; did this year too only to fade away too soon. I thought another album was just around the corner, but I guess that was not meant to be. Hopefully you did leave behind a treasure trove of unreleased music which would now see the light of the day.

gmHeard your ‘Careless Whispers’ while I was a child without understanding a word you sang but loved the silky passionate voice. Sang ‘Freedom’ loudly through the then available Archie’s lyrics booklet. I watched with baited breath as you took ‘A different corner’ only to return and repose my ‘Faith’ in your musical genius.

When my heart broke, you made me realise I was ‘Kissing a fool’ and had to get this ‘Monkey’ off my back and stop being the ‘Father Figure’.

Saw you evolve when you asked to ‘Listen without prejudice’ and start ‘Praying for time’. You had moved on, but I had not. It took a lot to ‘Heal the pain’ and set the ‘Soul Free’. But then you disappeared for a while only to return ‘Older’ and wiser.

By this time I was old enough, and appreciated your evolution as a musician and a lyricist. Each word you sang sank deep into the heart. Though I lost touch with your new music, I never stopped listening to all your older songs. I am sure me and your other fans will never ‘Let the sun go down’ on your music. This lovely legacy you have left behind for us.

Guess, the following song is appropriate to end this letter to you. A cover which you gave life to. Originally written and sung by Stevie Wonder and performed by him at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

They wont go when I go

George Michael’s version of the song

RIP George and enjoy your Freedom!


An Ardent Fan.



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