IPL? More like WWE

No no, don’t tell me, “see its always fixed!”. All cricket played internationally as well as leagues is fixed. I have heared that enough. However, when it comes to cricket I am ‘Dhitrashtra’ (refer mahabharat please). I am so much in love with this game that despite all what people say about this game, I can’t stop watching it. But as I become older and wiser I am beginning to see the cracks, however blind my eyes want to be.

Season 8 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked off with a perfect campaign as India ka tyohaar. It is a festival in India. I have always believed that we are not a sporting nation like Australia. Hence if a sport is placed on a pedestal by the billion then it has to be something more. Yet post the World Cup frenzy something is amiss. Its almost a reflex action to sit in front of the TV after work and stare dumbly at the screen, even though the logical cells of the brain scream, “Get off it, you idiot!”

So what do these dead cells see? They are starting to see a pattern which of course the critics of this sport always saw. Not only are the games being fixed, but i feel they are scripted too!, just the way WWE or any other reality TV show is. Most or all games do not complete before the 18th over even though you know the game is done and dusted. Obviously the advertisement slots have been sold to companies and they need to get more bang for their bucks. So the game trudges along like an Ekta Kapoor soap and we idiots sit there doing the ohhhhhs and the ahhhhhhhs.

Moreover what I somehow cannot digest is this over forgiving nature of the Indian crowd. I am not referring to the Salman frenzy here but about 2 Aussie players who dissed our players the entire season in Australia, namely Mitchell Johnson and David Warner. They should have been given a hard time by the crowd, but then we are the ever forgiving Indians! For us ‘guests’ are ‘god’! Just wish we were so forgiving towards over own players!

The IPL is a brand to stay. I have personally enjoyed this franchise based cricket but wish this had been more about the passion and love for the sport rather than the idiosyncrasies around it!

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I know not who I am, though only for a while I recognize the changes... It has been a while since I wrote something here. I come back now to write more for myself than the world. Somewhere someplace where I can keep my thoughts where someone may stumble upon them and read if it pleases them or just pass by.
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  1. Follow pro kabbadi its more interesting these days 🙂

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