My Cynical Trials

Cynically tested!

Are you ready for success?

Are you ready for success? This is a question a very close friend of mine has always asked of me. My answer, always was…of course!. Who did not like being successful. So am I ready for success? The honest answer is no. And you know why? That’s because I have always been my worst critic and hence at every point in my life I have belittled my victories and hailed my failures.

I spend few moments basking in the sunshine of my achievement but spend hours together wallowing in the cold darkness of my mind ‘celebrating’ failure. Does one like to fail? No, but being right has always been the bigger high than succeding. So the voice inside my head is always right, it says you were meant to fail. How can you celebrate this small victory? Look, at that young kid, he has already achieved greater heights than you…and so on.

This twisted definition of success and failure is something that I have always lived with all along. Fact is I am so scared of the limelight that I yearn for, that chasing it seems more desirable than actually stepping inside it. It’s indeed paradoxical that how can success come in when all you seek/expect is failure?

For once though today, I am looking at the man in the mirror and saying, “You did well my friend, you bettered your best. This is the success you always yearned for. Take it and enjoy the moment!”


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